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Volunteering Opportunities September 2016 - July 2017

Activity Title (Click for a link to STEMNetworking) Date/Location Description

 Bee Bot Workshops

Various dates and locations 

Bee Bots are programmable floor robots that are easy to use and are an excellent introduction to control technology. Our workshops have been developed in line with our highly successful ‘Robolab’ KS2 mobile workshops.

The workshops have been designed to be flexible to suit the particular needs of the children and school for  EYFS, KS1 and early KS2.

EYFS and KS1 workshops have been designed to enable children to experience group teaching and independent exploration of skills. Challenge cards and floor mats provide an exciting way to learn the core skills for control technology.

KS2 Yr 3& Yr4– This workshop has been
designed to enable children to begin to think about robotics and control technology in ‘the real world.’ The use of Bee-Bots gives the children familiar and user-friendly control technology equipment so they can really focus on the importance of programming.
During the workshop children are asked to consider where and how a robot gains its
intelligence and consequences this may have.

STEM Ambassadors will be working on mats on the floor with young children.

Bright Sparks Electricity Workshops

Various dates and locations

What will the workshop include?

Working from 09.00 – 3.30, pupils will work in the classroom in groups and pairs on practical tasks
related to the following learning objectives:

An appreciation of how electricity products support our life style.

Practical learning using custom made circuit boards.

An understanding of electrical symbols, circuit diagrams, complete & incomplete circuits.

Predicting & testing materials electrical properties (Conductors & Insulators).

Investigating series & parallel circuit characteristics.

Investigating the effects on light bulbs & motors of increasing & decreasing the resistance in a circuit.

Making circuits to satisfy given design briefs.

An understanding of the electricity distribution system
from the Power Station to our homes, schools, shop
& factories.

The dangers of the electrical distribution system &
distribution sub stations graphically illustrated in a
safety video / DVD.

Robotics Workshops

Various dates and locations

The Robotics workshops are a STEM Cumbria led initiative to support delivery of the System and Control elements of the Key Stage 2 ICT curriculum.

Robotics using a Lego NXT‘smart’ brick that can be programmed by a computer, via an infrared tower, using Robotics software.

The software uses simple icons. The brick has three outputs that turn on motors and/or lamps or buzzers, along with three inputs that receive information from, for example, touch or light sensors.

During the workshop the children will develop their own programmes to move the buggy around the room whilst turning on lamps or buzzers as and when required. It’s really good fun!








Coming Soon, new VEX Robotics workshops - watch this space!! 



Please follow the link to our Calendar - If you are interested in volunteering at any of the above events please contact us:

Email -
ambassadors@stemcumbria.co.uk or
Telephone - 015395 67101

Please speak to your line manager and confirm it with them first before contacting us.


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