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STEM Ambassadors are an invaluable and FREE resource for teachers and schools. They offer their time voluntarily to enthuse and inspire students within schools about STEM subjects. They can do this through a variety of activities such as clubs, careers talks, helping with school events, lessons and competitions and much more. Please contact us to find out how we can help you decide how best to employ a STEM Ambassador.


STEM Cumbria would like to hear from you about your STEM Experiences so that our STEM Ambassador volunteers and our Schools get the most out of the STEM interaction that is taking place.


STEM Learning have put together a National Feedback survey so that we can understand how Ambassadors and Teachers are finding their experience of STEM all across the country.


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Secondary School Activities.

Robodance Workshop:

Students work in small teams to design & build a wheeled Robot based on a Lego smart-brick. Their challenge is to develop a programme to upload onto the Lego Brick and ultimately make the Robot dance to a piece of music. If possible, the Music Department can be involved and students can compose and record their own music for use during the event.

Using the Lego Mindstorms Software the students' will develop their programme in a way that the programmed moves link to the rhythm of the music. The Mindstorms software is Icon based and full training is given. There is a dance competition at the end of the day, the winning Robot being selected by judges using the criteria related to Programming, Construction, Choreography and Entertainment.

This is a fun day with some real Control Technology learning content. Students also use team working, problem solving and communication skills. Suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5.

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Technology Challenge:

A two part, team based activity to build a machine that fires table tennis balls [Launchpad] and also to build a platform and tower for the Launchpad to sit on. Students have to follow instructions set out on a series of diagrams to build the Launchpad from a selection of parts provided. The tower is built from K'Nex and must have a platform that can be altered for angle so that it can be aimed accurately at a target. Students will also be challenged to build a loading system to fire balls consecutively.

Curriculum area -Science, Simple electrical circuits and forces + team working, problem solving and communication skills. Suitable for KS3.

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Renewable Energy Challenge:

A challenge for up to 32 students working in teams of 4. Students will explore the design of wind turbine blades by making their own and testing them. The turbine blades will be attached to a K'Nex tower holding a small generator. The turbine blades will be powered by a desk fan. Output current for different blade design will be measured on small multi-meters. They will carry out a fair test on their blade designs and use the output results as part of that process.
Students will also work with small LEGO cars powered by Photo Voltaic cells. They will use different light sources on the PV cells to charge a super capacitor. The cars will charged for 5 second intervals and then tested to see how far they travel each time. Using information from a plotted graph students will choose the optimum charge time for their car to get it to travel the furthest distance. They will then compete against other cars in the group.

Curriculum areas - Science [Electricity and Forces] + Maths [Graphs and data handling] + team working, problem solving and communication skills. Suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5 [particularly Gifted & Talented students].

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Flight Challenge

Which plane stays in the air for the longest time?
During the Challenge, students work in teams of two to investigate paper aeroplanes and the forces that act on aircraft in flight. They make a variety of paper planes and design a Fair Test to decide which stays in the air for the longest time. They will also get the opportunity to work with rockets and indoor flying machines. They will investigate the science behind out how planes fly, what design features enable planes to take off, how planes are they controlled in flight? Students will also find out about drag, thrust, lift, weight, fuselage, elevator, stabiliser, rudder, control surface.

Curriculum area - Science [Forces] + problem solving and communication skills.
Suitable for KS3.

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CREST Bronze Awards

All the above activities can be stand alone or by adding other elements can become eligible for CREST Bronze awards. CREST Bronze awards require 10 hours of investigation so a research element needs to be completed before the activity day and each team needs to put together a presentation showing what they have done. The presentation must be delivered to a group that has not been involved in the actual activity. These additional elements help to satisfy the 10 hour requirement. CREST Bronze Awards carry a cost of each.

KS3 STEM Days:

The KS3 STEM Day consists of 3 or 4 hands on engineering based activities. The activities can be tailored to suit you and students from all ability groups can be involved. In the past we have targeted Year 8 Girls with challenges such as Construct a Windmill out of K'Nex and Build and Launch a Rocket Car and have received positive feedback from Teachers and Students.

 Robotics Challenge - currently under development

This challenge uses the Lego NXT Kits.
The challenge will be aimed at KS3/4 students and we can work with a Maximum of 36 students 9 teams of 4. Please register your interest.

To book a workshop please email info@stemcumbria.co.uk and we will send you a booking form.

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